• Formation and Registration

    We assist in the formation and registration of the trust, including drafting the trust deed, obtaining the necessary approvals, and obtaining a Trust Identification Number (TIN).

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

    We help maintain accurate accounting records for the trust, recording income, expenses, donations, and other financial transactions.

  • Tax Planning and Compliance

    We offer tax planning strategies to optimize the trust's tax liability, manage tax exemptions, deductions, and ensure compliance with income tax laws.

  • Income Tax Return Filing

    We prepare and file income tax returns for the trust, ensuring accurate reporting of income, expenditures, and compliance with tax regulations.

  • Trustee Reporting

    We assist trustees in preparing financial reports and statements for the beneficiaries, providing transparency on the trust's financial activities.

  • Investment Management

    We provide investment advisory services to help manage the trust's investments, ensuring alignment with the trust's objectives and regulatory guidelines.

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

    We analyze the trust's financial statements, offering insights into financial performance, investment returns, and overall financial health.

  • Donation and Contribution Management

    We help manage and account for donations, contributions, and grants received by the trust, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Matters

    We assist with compliance related to trust laws, regulations, and documentation, including adherence to Trust Act provisions.

  • Audit and Assurance

    We may conduct audits of the trust's financial records as required by law or based on the trust's preferences.

  • Trustee Training and Advisory

    We provide training to trustees on their roles and responsibilities, as well as advisory services on financial matters and decision-making.

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning

    We assist in developing budgets and financial plans for the trust's activities, ensuring prudent financial management.

  • Distribution of Income and Benefits

    We help trustees allocate and distribute income, benefits, and assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the trust's objectives.

  • Legal and Documentation Services

    We work with legal professionals to ensure proper legal documentation, compliance with regulations, and effective governance of the trust.

  • Trustee Liability and Risk Management

    We provide guidance on mitigating financial and legal risks that the trust and its trustees may face.

  • Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Compliance

    If the trust receives foreign contributions, We help ensure compliance with FCRA regulations.

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