Proprietorship Firm

Proprietorship Firm​

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

    Proprietorship is a one-person business. The owner manages everything including accounting and bookkeeping which involves summarizing financial transactions. Good financial records benefit the business and stakeholders.

  • Tax Planning and Compliance

    Plan taxes for a proprietorship to reduce liability, get incentives and grow. Track rules, document income & expenses, and consult pros to boost cash flow and avoid legal risks.

  • Income Tax Return Filing

    A Proprietorship firm is owned and managed by one person. It must file tax returns for both personal and business using a PAN card and ITR-3 form. Failure to comply with tax laws may result in penalties.

  • Audit and Assurance

    We provide audit, accounting and tax services. One owner manages our firm. We perform audits for regulation compliance and offer personalized service.

  • Business Registrations and Compliance

    Registering a proprietorship firm in India requires a PAN card, address proof, GST registration, and tax returns. Get expert help and keep accurate accounting to avoid legal issues.

  • GST Registration and Compliance

    Register for GST if turnover above Rs. 40 lakh. Optional for those Rs. 20-40 lakh. File returns, collect/remit GST on time to avoid legal consequences.

  • Payroll Processing ​

    Payroll firms handle paychecks, taxes, and record-keeping for businesses. Being proficient in accounting software, attention to detail, and client trust are important.

  • Financial Planning

    Proprietorship firm offers financial planning with unlimited liability, putting personal assets at risk. Easy to set up, suits those comfortable with risk and responsibility.

  • Loan and Credit Advisory

    A Loan and Credit Advisory firm assists with credit counseling, loan application, and negotiation for loans. Proprietorship firms are easy to manage but have limited growth and capital access.

  • Risk Management

    Proprietorship firms can manage risks through strategies like avoidance, transfer, reduction, or acceptance. Maintaining proper insurance and regular risk reassessments are crucial for reducing losses.

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