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Choose an accounting system that fits your needs, budget, size, and complexity. Tally and Zoho are good for your businesses. Seek advice from a professional to determine what’s best for you.

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Exceptional financial guidance that transformed our business! Highly recommend their expertise. Hear success stories from clients who achieved financial goals with us.

Yashvant has been an internal auditor for all our group companies and help the business through the scaling up process. I would highly recommend Yashvant when it comes to business analytics and setting the process for better financial management.

    Srinath Setty

    CEO - Hoshachiguru

    It's been a real pleasure working with Yashvant and team. He has put in extra effort to understand the business requirement and helped build processes that align with the vision of the company.

      Srikanth Acharya

      CEO -

      I became closer to Yashvant, when he started his iRYD venture. Yash(Yashvant) is the best Chartered Accountant I've ever seen.

        Krishnakantha JC

        Software Tech Lead - Fabric


        General Question

        Choose an experienced advisor, understand your risk and goals, ask about fees and conflicts, stay engaged. Good communication leads to success.

        Financial services terms are agreements that specify services, fees, obligations, and liabilities between financial institutions and clients. These terms outline the rights and duties of both parties, such as account management and interest rates. Clients must read and understand these terms to make informed decisions. We are obligated to follow financial rules and regulations defined by the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India.