• Tax Planning and Compliance

    Tax planning minimizes taxes by analyzing income, deductions, and investments for long-term objectives while avoiding penalties through personalized advice using tax advantages.

  • Income Tax Return Filing

    Indian taxpayers must file their ITR using Form 16, salary slips, and investment details by July 31st to get tax benefits and refunds and avoid legal issues. Consult a professional if needed.

  • Investment Advisory

    To invest wisely, consider financial goals, risk tolerance, fees, and returns. Consult a financial advisor, monitor investments for growth and align with goals.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning protects assets after death/incapacity via a will, power of attorney, tax reduction, guardianship for minors and periodic reviews.

  • Loan and Credit Advisory

    Compare loan and credit options like personal/student/mortgage loans, credit cards, & lines of credit. Check deadlines. Credit cards build credit but have high rates. Lines of credit have lower rates but require collateral.


  • NRI Taxation

    NRIs in India must pay tax on global income, file returns for Indian income exceeding the threshold, and use NRE/NRO accounts for tax compliance. Utilize tax treaties for further benefits.

  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements Advisory

    DTAA prevents double taxation on international income for NRIs earning in multiple countries, providing credits, lower withholding rates, and exemptions. Seek expert assistance to benefit.

  • Property Transactions

    NRIs face several legal requirements, documents, and taxes when buying or selling property in India. A trustworthy agent or attorney can simplify the transactions and ensure compliance.

  • Investment Planning

    NRIs should consult an advisor, diversify investments, prioritize goals, monitor investments, and understand repatriation rules to boost returns, cut taxes, and invest in mutual funds, stocks, real estate, and fixed deposits.

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